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Once upon a time “apps” were small plates on a menu to eat before the large plates arrived. In today’s world “apps” will make more people turn to their IPhone/IPad/Android than to a food menu. So I decided to go over some of the apps that I think work really well for gyn as well as overall healthcare.

1- Loseit   Love this becauase once set up it calculates how many calories you can eat based on how much weight you want to loose (or gain              WINK). It also syncs with a lot of fitness trackers. The best part is a small feature where you can break down what youe ate that day by protein – fat      – carb, etc.  I think this is so helpful since often we can “eat well” in our minds but then find that we were actually way over in our carb daily intake.

2- 7-Minute Workout  – Really who dosen’t have 7 minutes in the day to work off some fat cells as well as improve our heart health. It really works,            especially when done every day.

3- Period Tracker – Easy to use, super accurate and great for tracking those PMS symptoms.

4- iBreastCheck – Catching breast cancer early is crucial. This app helps set up routine reminders for breast checks. It also helps analyze the users      risk for developing breast cancer based on history.

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