Exercise for the Holidays


We all know as women one of the hardest things to keep up with is exercise. Especially at this time of the year when the days are short and the list of things to do is long.
One of the easiest ways to keep up with keeping moving is to walk. The current guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week (that works out to 30min a day 5 days a week)
This can be anything from walking (at the mall) to running and hiking.
Try not to think of this as exercise but for us women a small slice of time to devote to ourselves. Do an activity THAT YOU ENJOY DOING.
Proven benefits of a simple daily walk include:
1. Lowers colon cancer risk by 60% (3rd most common cancer in women)
2. Lower Alzheimer’s risk by 40%
3. Lowers stroke risk by 27%
4. Lowers Type II Diabetes risk by 60%
5. Lessens symptoms of depression as much as therapy or even low dose of medications
We as women are always used to putting ourselves after last. We should start devoting 30 mins of time a day to ourselves as a holiday present to ourselves.
Best wishes for this holiday season to all,
Dr. Anu Chakraborty, MD